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nadine anderson cheng

ArtBasel, Switzerland exhibition - sculptural mixed media:

Nadine Anderson Cheng is a prolific figurative artist living between Florida and Düsseldorf, Germany. She has her MFA in Graphic/Environmental Design also an Honors BA including intensive training in painting, textiles, jewelery and sculpture. Her linear paintings, installations and mixed media sculptural reliefs works focusing on what it means to human in today's society. She has exhibited/curated in the Caribbean, United States and Europe, with her art in several private and public collections. Nadine was the 2022-2023 board member of the BBK Kunstforum, Düsseldorf where she organized multiple exhibitions for this art association and negotiated grants and exhibitions for its members.  Reproductions of her art has been sold worldwide, she also donates her time and work to community projects,— helping women, children and the underprivileged. through United Way, Ikea, Family Resource Center and other charitable organizations.


- September 10-22:  Studio Art Unlimited, Geneva's Old Town

- Installation works in progress:

- The Eye in the Sky - We are being watched - Video and photography

- More - Consumerism - Mixed media sculpture

- The Box - The Meaning of Me - Wood/mixed media

- We will Help you - Behind the scenes of corporate help

Recent: May-July 8, 2019: Curator/artist - Humanity, the exhibition:

Touring 3-cities: Köln, Basel and London Art as a catalyst for social and environmental change, inclusive of the Lets be Humane again project and What do you think of today’s humanity? video installation.

Exhibitions and Artistic Endeavors - thru 2018

KROMA Art Gallery: Group shows - 2017

Art from the Heart: Annual art auction for foster children 2017 - 2018

ArtServe: Group Show 2016 and 2017

KROMA Art Gallery: Two Man show - 2016

ArtServe: Group Show - “RedEye” 2015

ArtServe: Group Show - “Big Big Beautiful Art” 2015

Wynwood ArtWalk Independent:  2014 - 2015

Art Basel Underground, Miami:  2014 I

KEA/GCAPP Celebrity Annual Benefit: for displaced mothers 2008 - 2009

United Way: Charity Annual auctions 1999 - 2000

Chicago (USA) Private collector exhibition: 2001

Pegasus Gallery: Solo (sold out) exhibition: 2000

Pegasus Gallery: Annual Group multiple exhibitions: 1999 - 2002

Mutual Life Gallery: Annual Group multiple exhibitions 1998 - 2002

National Photography Bronze Medalist 1998

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