nadine anderson cheng

2019 Basel - sculptural mixed media pieces

    Nadine Anderson Cheng is a prolific figurative artist, her art work has grown from traditional paintings to sculptural conversation mixed media pieces, and installations of video and photography. Her works yields whimsy, melancholy and introspection, using every day experiences as a starting point focused on what it means to be human in today’s society, with social and environmental commentary, believing in educating to create a happier world.

    Receiving an honors degree Bachelors (BA) in Graphic Communications and Masters degree (MFA) in Environmental/Graphic Design. Her educational training involved intensive courses in fashion design, textiles, painting, fine jewelry making and sculpture. Throughout the years she has worked in Advertising, Marketing, Book Illustration, Casting for film and has recently designed the "Quokka" line of pineapple fiber eco-handbags at:

    Nadine has exhibited in the Caribbean, Florida, Chicago, New York, Köln, Basel and London with reproductions sold worldwide, and has donated her time and work for community projects to help women, children and the underprivileged, working on her own, as well as with United Way, Ikea, Family Resource Center and other charitable organizations.

   Recent: September 10-22, 2019:  Studio Art Unlimited, Geneva's Old Town

              May-July 2019 touring exhibition- Curator/artist for